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Donna M. Pedini - Jewelry - McDonough NY

(607) 647-9620 - dpedini@madeinchenango.com

From childhood, art in one form or another had always been a part of my life. I was fascinated with my mother's dress design sketches and my Aunt's art books spurred my interest in drawing. In High School I had an exceptional art teacher who really encouraged me. For many years I did Tole and Decorative Painting ,from which I learned my painting techniques, and I derived a great deal of satisfaction from it as I created objects for my home and family. I pursued a career as a registered nurse and it was not until later in life, when I retired, that Foxberries Handcrafted Jewelry began. It was my daughter-in-law (the other Donna Pedini), who introduced me to the world of brass charms and this combination allowed me to blend my love of jewelry with my painting.

Although I create and design a wide range of jewelry themes, my favorites are the ones related to nature, gardening and fantasy. I hand paint the charms with metallic acrylics paints which allows the soft glow of the brass to show through. Crystals and beads and glitter enhance some of my designs because I love the "sparkle". The basic jewelry line is continually undergoing change as I find new things to try and incorporate into my designs. My hope is that you will find a creation that will make you smile and that it will bring a bit of whimsy into your day. I joined MIC in 2003 and have been Director since 2005.

To purchase this member's work, in addition to shopping in person at our Norwich store, you may please contact the member directly to discuss possible ordering and/or shipping arrangements. (Made In Chenango as a store does not process online sales and/or shipping, that is handled individually by each member.) Custom Orders may be considered by this member, please contact the member directly for more information
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