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Mary Beth Alexander - Fashion Accessories (Purses/Hats/Scarves)- Costume - Garb - Norwich, NY


Raised on Long Island, I am a Florida native – born in Tampa – lived all over, but back now to NY. Mom and Grandma were both sewers and taught me much, so that I was hand-stitching doll clothes by the time I was 7, and my own outfits by 12 years old. Even though life changes carried me through many occupations, my creativity was always a thread that kept me going through good times and bad. I was a highly paid installer of commercial wall-upholstery, when I was seriously injured in a 1997 auto accident, and could no longer do that intensely physical work.

Serendipity led me to meet the owner of a costume shop, who introduced me to specialized garment construction; dressing Broadway shows; and "stitching" for the entertainment on cruise ships. I cruised for 13 years … as well as "overlapping" contracts for the Radio City Rockettes ...10 years for Ringling Brothers Circus … and 9 years for Disney tours.So, in one way and another, I've been honing my skills and sharpening my artist's eye ... especially while I was traveling around the world getting inspiration from varied cultures and history.

My work-ethic is strong, and I take great pains in putting fabric + design + decoration together to make a pleasing and well-made item. My fabric "stash" enables me to have a wide palette of high-quality fabrics and trims to use in my creativity at a price to make my "one-of-a-kind" designs very accessible to you. That designing process is the most fun part for me!

Any design or item you see or order here will _never_ be massed produced. At least 50% of my items are made from my own patterns and the other 50% are commercial patterns that have been altered to some extent – especially in the lining/interior pocket construction, handles or other amenities … searching my stash for a fabric "new" to the item style on which I'm working!

I truly consider myself an artist creating "fabric-art" for my enjoyment and yours, and I'm proud to have my work shown along with the other artists in Made in Chenango.

To purchase this member's work, in addition to shopping in person at our Norwich store, you may please contact the member directly to discuss possible ordering and/or shipping arrangements. (Made In Chenango as a store does not process online sales and/or shipping, that is handled individually by each member.) Custom Orders may be considered by this member, please contact the member directly for more information
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