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Penny Park - Author / Illustrator / Multimedia Artist - Bainbridge, NY

(607) 764-8437 - ppark@ madeinchenango.com

Penny Park was born and raised in Chenango County. She currently resides in Bainbridge, NY. Penny is an author and illustrator of Little Princess, a children's book. She is also a multimedia artist, so this allows her, to use as much recycled and repurposed materials as possible in her artwork.

Penny's books and journals are interactive and are a fun conversational piece. All of her books are originals with no two alike. She also creates a wide variety of handcrafted bags, such as, Japanese knot bags, Scottish kilt bags, grocery and children's bags. Her bags are very detailed, one of a kind, and beautifully made. Penny says she loves to share her art work with others and hopes to inspire them to get creative and to see all of the art that is all around them.

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